How RentMyRide works

Choose from hundreds of unique cars for rent by local hosts.

Up to 40% less than traditional car rental companies.

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Rent a car

Find a car to rent
Create an account and then perform a search using filters to find your perfect car to rent.
Compare prices and features
Match your requirements for a vehicle against our large fleet, compare vehicles against each other with prices and features.
Request to book it
Once you've found the rental car of your dreams, click "Request Booking" to send a booking request to the owner. The owner has 24 hours to confirm the booking, but they often respond much faster.
We do some verification checks
We mean no offence, but we have to screen all our renters in the same way to ensure the safety of our fleet and owners.
Confirm your car
Once the owner has accepted and any questions have been answered, pay for your booking using our convenient EFT or Credit Card facility options.
Drive away
Once paid, you get to meet the owner when the vehicle is delivered or when picked up.

You and the owner will do a quick inspection of the car.

The owner hands over the keys and you’ll be on your way.

List your car

List your car
List your car and start putting your car to work.
Register to create an account and then click on "List your car". Follow the easy steps.
Price your car
Our calculator will suggest a daily rate that you should rent your car out for. We have a guideline price that has been carefully formulated to provide value for both the renters and owners, but if this isnt good for you, then change it within limits.
Advertise your car
Sell its features and what makes your car great and stand out from the rest. Add some stunning photos showing potential renters why your car is right for them. We offer examples of good photos in the process.
You get a unique link that you can advertise on social media and use other streams to drive traffic to your vehicle and again increase the likelihood of renting your car.
Answer questions and approve your renters
We have done the preliminary screening of renters to ensure the safety of your asset, but ultimately you have the decision on who you rent your car out to.
We facilitate a question answer system whereby your renters have a dialogue with you if so chosen.
If you're happy, approve the booking and earn some money.
Drop or have the vehicle picked up
The renter can choose to have the car dropped at an airport that you offer, or have it collected or dropped off at the renters expense. Hand over the keys with peace of mind. We've got you covered.
Simple as that. We will pay your earnings over to you.
Meet your car wherever you like
Your location

Not able to travel to the owner’s location? No problem at all. You can arrange for the vehicle to be delivered to your doorstep.

Owners location

If you’re in the vicinity of the owner’s location, you can arrange to meet them there to pick up the vehicle.


Are you flying in for a business meeting or holiday? You can arrange with the vehicle owner to meet you at the airport.