Earn money with your car

Market value of your car: R 100000

You could earn

R 5000

per month

How it works

RentMyRide - Receive money Renting out Your Car. Our system calculates the pricing and maximes your daily return. At RentMyRide we see car owners as individual entrepreneurs working with us in our business. As business partners it’s in our best interest to make sure you earn maximum returns. - Peter
Once you have accepted the renter’s request, they will receive a notification to make the rental payment through RentMyRide’s secure online payment system.
We understand that your car is important to you. That’s why RentMyRide has a ‘Unique Insurance Cover’ in place that provides 5 Million Rand liability cover plus comprehensive insurance to cover your car for the retail value of the vehicle.

Not using your car daily? You could make R42,425 a year and go on another holiday!

List your car

Not using your car every day? You could start earning money in no time!

  • List your car
  • Set your price
  • Set your availability
  • Have peace of mind knowing you’re
    protected with R5 million in liability insurance

Frequently asked questions

How do I decide on how to price my vehicle?

Pricing is done automatically through the RentMyRide system. As soon as you list your vehicle our system will calculate the optimal price for your vehicle.

Can I use any car? Every car that is according to our standards is welcome on our website. If you are looking to purchase a car for renting purposes, we have a comprehensive guide available to maximise your earnings.

Do I meet my renters? You meet the renter when you deliver the vehicle, or the renter collects the car from you.

What if someone damages my car? You will be covered by our 5 Million Rand liability cover. You are also protected against physical damage to your car, up to the actual retail value, for losses due to collisions and most “comprehensive ” causes (fire, theft, etc.).

With a market value of R 100000 you could earn up to

per month